Case Studies

20-Year-Old Roof In Shakopee Gets Restored

Shakopee Roof Replacement
You can see the roof has weathered over the years from rain and hail damage
Shakopee Roof Replacement
Our crew works on laying down the new shingles
Shakopee Roof Replacement
The brand-new roof has been restored to its original beauty!
Shakopee Roof Replacement
The transformation is almost unrecognizable!


This home in Shakopee was simply in desperate need of a replacement, as it was more than 20 years old, and had taken quite a bit of damage over the years. While they were browsing a Five Star Rated Catalog of the county, they came across Trinity Exteriors.


Our process begins with a free inspection, and we determined they needed a full roof replacement. Before we began any of the work, we made sure to protect their landscaping and property, as we know how important that is to any homeowner. We tore off the old shingles, inspected the roof decking, making sure there were no remaining old felt pieces from the previous roof, and then proceeded with the replacement. We laid down Owens Corning Weatherlock Ice & Water Barrier, which is a self-adhesive layer that gives additional protection against any driving winds or hailstorms to prevent leaks or moisture issues. We proceeded to install the new premium Owens Corning Duration Shingles in the homeowner’s choice of Estate Gray. After a Trinity and city inspection, the roof was complete and ready to endure any future storms!

Project Summary

Owens Corning Duration - Estate Gray