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Vicinity of in Minneapolis
I would like to get a very rough idea of how much a triple pane window would cost, 68 inches by 50 inches. It is a picture window, and it would just be glass (no framing within the window, just around it). This is just to get an idea, so there is no need for a personalized quote where you come out. I will be able to respond much more quickly if you email rather than call, but you can call if you'd like. Thank you!
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
I would like a quote on roof replacement at my house. I am only reachable via email during the week. If someone can come out please let me know when. Thank you so much.
Vicinity of Architect Ave in Minneapolis
Old roof, hit by heavy hail both of the last two years.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
One of my window (so called piano window) is very old and I want to replace with the new one. Please call.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
-small leak in my kitchen cabinet -had another company give quote, looking for 2nd opinion/comparison
Vicinity of Rhode Island Ave S in Minneapolis
I am wanting to have the exterior of our home assessed for any possible areas where we should make changes or improvements. We have a 1928 tudor stucco home, and the stucco is in good condition, but I would like the trim, roof, doors, and windows assessed. We have had some issues with water and critters getting into the home. There are some obvious areas where things need to be repaired or replaced. Some of the areas are in spots where we can't really get to them or see them ourselves... Thanks!
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
This is a rental property and one of the condos has had water intrusion through their ceiling and bedroom, we cannot figure where the water is coming from. We need an expert to find where its coming from so it can be repaired properly.
Vicinity of Harriet Ave in Minneapolis
Wondering if I really need a new roof, or if it should last a few more years!
Vicinity of Lyndale Ave S in Minneapolis
I'm looking to have a patio door installed where an existing window is, and then re-install that window where a smaller existing window is, and finally install the small window where an existing door frame is. I hope that made sense, but to sum up it is (re)installing two windows and a patio door, and if possible build wood stairs from the patio door to the ground. The exterior of the home is stucco, and I'm looking to have any patches necessary to match the current stucco job as closely as possible. Thanks, Ryan
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
Interested in getting a bid for reroofing and gutter replacement, as well as retuckpointing of brick foundation.
Vicinity of Valleyview Place in Minneapolis
Looking for a quote: Residential residing LP Smartside shake North side: 786.7 Sq ft East side: 819.8 Sq ft South side: 1048.1 Sq ft West side: 821.8 Sq ft Total sq ft: 3476.4
Vicinity of Flintwood St. N.W in Minneapolis
Remove rotting wood siding and replace with vinyl. Estimated cost??
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
Need an inspection of roof and soffits installed by another contractor prior to making final payment.
Vicinity of Meridian Drive in Minneapolis
Looking to replace my siding.
Vicinity of Fremont Ave. S. in Minneapolis
Need new roof on our south Minneapolis home.
Vicinity of Chowen Ave S in Minneapolis
Looking to replace my current siding for the entire house.
Vicinity of Branson St in Minneapolis
New roof
Vicinity of Kumquat St NW in Minneapolis
Siding Roofing
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
We need some soffit repair; not quite sure what or how much. Looking for recommendations and quotes.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
I have suddenly had water coming into the house from the roof. This began last summer after a heavy storm dropped at least one large branch onto my house. I didn't consider at the time that it could have damaged anything. Because I'm stupid. Melting snow also came into the house after the January blizzard. I had someone come out to get the snow off the roof and he showed me a photo of hail damage to one section of the roof.
Vicinity of Logan Ave N in Minneapolis
I have a roof that had some shingles get blown off this past summer. I was able to repair it however I am concerned the roof will continue to have issues moving forward.
Vicinity of Idaho Ave S in Minneapolis
I have a small roof leak that I need repaired.
Vicinity of Morgan Ave S in Minneapolis
I need 6 windows replaced
Vicinity of Vicksburg Ln in Minneapolis
Need 114 ft of soffit and fascia installed on one of our projects. Also would like estimate on another in minneapolis. Please call me
Vicinity of Elliot Ave S in Minneapolis
7 replacement windows, 4 storm doors
Vicinity of Rhode Island Ave S in Minneapolis
We have a leak in our roof causing water to enter into the main floor and damaging the ceiling.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
One story 1200 sq ft foot print, with a 8X10 flat roof. Flat roof has leaked
Vicinity of Merold Drive in Minneapolis
Flashing repair (leak), and possible gutter repair or replacement
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
I have a 12 unit rental site that incurred storm damage in June. There are two identical 6 unit buildings. I have attached the insurance adjusters report for a total replacement of the roof and siding. Please contact me to discuss the roof and siding replacement.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
Vicinity of FREMONT AVE S in Minneapolis
Shingle Loss due to 6/11/17 hail/wind storm. Insurance Assessor has been here. I need new asphalt shingles on house. Do not include any flat roof surfaces.
Vicinity of Chicago Ave in Minneapolis
Looking for an estimate on garage siding.
Vicinity of James Ave North in Minneapolis
Roofing replacement, and siding replace
Vicinity of Fremont Ave North in Minneapolis
I would like a bid on having the old shake siding removed from the upper half (gables and dormers) of my 105-year-old north Minneapolis house, and to have new vinyl shake-simulated siding installed. There is also some carpentry work on the eaves and fascia that needs to be done as part of the re-siding. I may also want some painting done if I can fit it into the budget. Please note that I am hard of hearing and it is difficult for me to call. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
We have a s mpls bungalow with hail damage on roof. Wanting to take estimates, bids to fix
Vicinity of Grand Ave S in Minneapolis
Potential damage to flat rubber membrane roof
Vicinity of Alder St Nw in Minneapolis
Looking to get professional opinion on if we have hail damage as result of storms. Neighbors are indicating they do. We were out of town during storm.
Vicinity of Sheridan Ave N in Minneapolis
Need siding for a single car garage
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
Leak in ceiling. Need to find and fix leaks.
Vicinity of Yates Ave N in Minneapolis
Storm Damage to siding, soffits, screens, possibly roof?
Vicinity of Upton Avenue S in Minneapolis
We require a combination of repair and maintenance to our roof, soffit and gutter. We would like to have you evaluate and provide an estimate for the required work.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
I'm looking for a free estimate on gutter installation for my home.
Vicinity of Kimberly Lane N in Minneapolis
Woodpecker siding damage
Vicinity of Thomas Ave S in Minneapolis
Hi - I would like a quote to do permanent siding on my house and garage.
Vicinity of Ensign Ave N in Minneapolis
Replacing my roof and my windows
Vicinity of Empire Ln N in Minneapolis
Recent winds blew off some shingles and damaged others
Vicinity of Swallow St in Minneapolis
Roof Storm damage in last nights storm
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
Hello - I need to replace the siding on my two car garage. I'd like to schedule a quote during the day before 2pm. Do you charge for a quote? thank you.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
Need new siding
Vicinity of KENWOOD PKWY in Minneapolis
Need estimate to replace rotten exterior wood window trim, facia, etc on 100+year old house.
Vicinity of in Minneapolis
There is a small hole in my siding that I would like an estimate for repair.