Learn more about Trinity Exteriors Inc's recent work requests in Eden Prairie, MN
Vicinity of Pathfinder Drive in Eden Prairie
Looking to discuss siding replacement options and estimates.
Vicinity of Mistral Lane in Eden Prairie
Hello, I am looking to get a quote for new siding. We currently have cedar siding and looking to have it replaced. Thank you. David
Vicinity of Norwood Circle in Eden Prairie
Today I noticed several missing shingles on my roof so I am looking for an estimate to repair
Vicinity of Windsor Terrace in Eden Prairie
Looking for an estimate on gutter installation. 1990s build with gutters along small portions of the roofline, but need gutters installed all the way around. Thanks!
Vicinity of Landing Road in Eden Prairie
I am a real estate broker at City Wide Realty and have a buyer for the vacant home at 11600 Landing Road. I know about asphalt shingles but not about wood shingles. The house my client is interested in has wood shingles that were installed originally in 1997. Would your company do a drive by and give us an opinion, it does NOT have to be in writing, as to what you think the remaining physical life is for the wood shingles? The home is vacant. If they buy the home and you were to replace the roofing what is the cost per square for wood shingles and for 40 year asphalt shingles. I do not yet know if wood shakes are required for the neighborhood.
Vicinity of Bluestem Lane in Eden Prairie
Would like to know brand of windows you install. Looking to replace front of house windows.
Vicinity of Hanover Ln in Eden Prairie
I called earlier, but didn't get a call back - I'm wondering if you got my number wrong. We are getting ice build up in our attic, so I'm hoping to get some better ventilation/insulation or what ever is needed. The ice has melted, so I'm hoping to get the work done before more builds up in the next big frost. Thanks, Tony
Vicinity of DArnel Road in Eden Prairie
I have a first floor bay window and the seal of one of the side panels is broken. I am receiving a replacment window as it's under warranty, but they do not pay for or provide for installation. Do you have an installer that would so a small job of this nature?
Vicinity of Prairie View Dr in Eden Prairie
I need an estimate and replacing my wood soffit and fascia with aluminum or steel.
Vicinity of Rainbow Drive in Eden Prairie
I am looking to obtain two quotes. One for roof replacement only. The other for roof and siding. Thanks!
Vicinity of Hiawatha Avenue in Eden Prairie
The flashing next to my chimney and some shingles are damaged and in need of repair. Critters can enter into the attic.
Vicinity of Shetland Rd in Eden Prairie
Install permaboot over old roof exhaust pipe seal
Vicinity of Valley View Road in Eden Prairie
Need roof replaced on home.
Vicinity of La Rivier Ct in Eden Prairie
I have a few sections of siding on my home which needs the existing fiberboard siding replaced with LP Smartside.
Vicinity of Landing Road in Eden Prairie
My wife and I recently purchased a home in Eden Prairie that has cedar shingles. The inspector suggested getting it cleaned so I would like to get it cleaned and possibly treated. We also have an animal that has found it's way in that we would like removed and the spots it may have gotten in, sealed up.
Vicinity of Purdey Road, in Eden Prairie
I want to get a quote on repairing cedar roof House is about 23 years old, we have been recent owners 10 years. Probably going to sell house in 1-3 years, would like to begin to make any needed repairs now versus at time of selling. I can be available, at my residence, most of this week and next week. please call me.