4 Most Common Signs of Storm Damage


4 Most Common Signs of Storm Damage

4 Most Common Signs of Storm Damage

It’s hard to catch a break from Mother Nature's fury in Minnesota. If it’s not super hot or cold out, there’s always a chance severe weather is just around the corner! Storm damage is an all too common occurrence for Twin Cities homeowners, but sometimes it may be challenging to spot what a storm affected.

Here are four types of storm damage and how to spot them:

1. Roof Damage

First, let’s discuss the type of damage to the most vital part of your exterior—the roof!

Missing Shingles

Heavy winds potentially inflict all sorts of damage to your home’s exterior. A common damage type is missing shingles. The top of houses catch the most wind during storms and if strong enough, will rip off the shingles and expose the underlayment.

Cracked Shingles

Debris is another danger that can cause storm damage. Whether it is branches, rocks, or items in your yard, anything small enough turns into a deadly projectile. If you spot cracked shingles after a storm, it’s best to get a trusted contractor out immediately!

Dented Shingles

The cause of dented shingles is much like cracked shingles but may be hard to spot from ground level. If you spot physical depressions on your roof, it’s a sure sign of storm damage!

2. Siding

Siding also falls victim to Mother Nature’s wrath. Here is siding damage to look out for.

Missing Siding

Like shingles, Wind damage may expose your exterior walls by ripping away siding. After a storm, it’s best to take a walk around your home and look for any missing siding slates.

Cracked or Dented Siding

Cracked or dented siding still allows water into your insulation and interior, potentially causing water damage.

3. Gutters

Gutters are pivotal in keeping your roof and foundation from sustaining water damage. Common damage to look out for are clogged gutters, leaking gutters, or gutters that sag after a storm.

4. Windows

Windows or window frames are susceptible to storm damage. If you notice any cracks around your window frame, look for condensation inside your windows, which further proves the window’s seal is compromised.

Trinity Exteriors are Your Storm Damage Experts

When you spot storm damage, the best option is to repair it right away with the storm damage experts at Trinity Exteriors!

Get a free quote online or give us a call at 952-920-9520 today!

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