8 Reasons to Love Versetta Stone Siding


8 Reasons to Love Versetta Stone Siding

8 Reasons to Love Versetta Stone Siding

From your roof to your windows and gutters, there are many different options and styles for you to choose from to keep your home safe, secure, and properly insulated for years to come.

There’s no stronger option than stone siding. Trinity Exteriors uses Versetta Stone Siding for our stone siding projects, and we have plenty of reasons why this stone siding material will accentuate your home's aesthetics.

What is Versetta Stone Siding?

Versetta Stone siding is a type of manufactured stone veneer designed to mimic the appearance of natural stone. It is a popular alternative to traditional stone siding due to its lightweight, durable, and easy-to-install characteristics. It is also virtually impossible to see the joints between the stone panels.

Versetta Stone is made from a mixture of Portland cement, lightweight aggregates, and iron oxide pigments, giving it a realistic stone-like texture and color. Versetta comes in many different colors and patterns that you will love.

Why Homeowners Love Versetta Stone Siding

Here are eight reasons you’ll Love Versetta Stone siding on your home!

1. Exceptional Durability

Stone siding is the longest-lasting siding you can install on your home. Even Versetta Stone Siding mortarless stone panels will last up to 75 years if properly installed and maintained. Essentially, installing this type of siding on your home means you may never have to worry about siding again!

2. Motorless Stone Panels

In the early days of stone siding installation and even today, mortar is required to adhere the pieces in place. While mortar secures brick and stone exceptionally well, it’s a messy and complicated process.

That’s why Versetta Stone Siding changed the game regarding ease of installation with their mortarless panels! These specially designed panels make for a quick and seamless installation that doesn’t sacrifice the natural beauty of the stone.

The tongue and groove systems create perfect separation between each 2 square foot slat while securing them in place.

3. Tough Against Weather

Versetta Stone Siding is specially engineered out of portland cement that doesn’t sacrifice the natural look of real stone. Even better yet, veneer stone is as weather-resistant as the most rigid siding out there!

Versetta Stone Siding can withstand up to 110 MPH wind speeds without even budging! Their siding also passes a freeze-thaw test and receives a Class A Fire Rating!

4. Variety

Versetta Stone Siding offers a rich number of styles and colors for you to choose from. Here are the three main types of stone veneer siding, including:

  • Ledgestone: This type of stone veneer siding offers a traditional dry stack with staggered layers to give an authentic rough-cut look
  • Tight-Cut: This type of stone siding offers a more sophisticated look that provides tightly fitted slats, allowing for a clean but slightly rugged look.
  • Carved Block Stone: Carved block stone fits best on modern commercial buildings, but will give your home a sleek, monochromatic look!

5. Easy Installation

Versetta Stone is installed using a unique paneled system that interlocks the stone pieces together, which helps makes the installation process much easier. This reduces the labor time, thus potentially saving you a little money.

6. Environmentally Friendly

The manufacturing process of Versetta Stone includes recycled content and minimizes waste, which makes it a more environmentally friendly option when it comes to your home’s siding, particularly against natural stone siding, which is less environmentally friendly.

7. Low Maintenance

Once installed, Versetta Stone siding requires minimal maintenance. It does not need to be painted, sealed, or ongoing upkeep. This is in contrast to natural stone, which may require periodic sealing to maintain its appearance.

8. Fire Resistant

Versetta Stone siding has excellent fire resistance, which helps add a layer of safety and protection to your home.

Trinity Exterior Installs Versetta Stone Siding

Trinity Exteriors is proud to install Versetta Stone siding when our customers want the natural but sturdy feel of stone siding.

Any of our experts would be happy to come to your home and explain the benefits and features of Versetta Stone siding, along with providing a custom quote for your home. We have a large selection of colors to choose from, so your home will look great once the work is complete.

We look forward to transforming your home with the care and attention that we would give to our own homes. Check out our case studies from previous happy customers. Get a free quote online or give us a call at 952-920-9520 today!

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