Fall Maintenance Roofing Tips for Minnesota Homeowners


Fall Maintenance Roofing Tips for Minnesota Homeowners

Fall Maintenance Roofing Tips for Minnesota Homeowners

The temperature is beginning to drop, and leaves are coming down. That can only mean one thing: Fall is here! Living in the Twin Cities area, we don’t get the beautiful landscape and temperate weather for long. This means we don’t have much time for our Fall activities, like roof maintenance.

You're in luck if you’re unsure about what to do for your fall roofing maintenance plan. Here are some fall roofing maintenance tips!

Schedule Your Annual Roof Inspection

An annual roofing inspection is highly recommended to ensure a long life for your roof. Yearly inspections help you spot any troubled areas on your roof that may cause damage over the winter. During a professional roof inspection, you will receive a thorough assessment of your roof’s current state.

Additionally, before you even go on your roof, take a walk around your property and inspect other parts of your exterior, like your siding or windows. If there’s damage to other parts of your exterior, there’s most likely damage to your roof!

Clean Your Roof & Gutters

Cleaning your roof may sound like an odd part of maintenance, but it’s the most important! Leaves and other debris can sit on top of your roof all year and accumulate moisture. This moisture sitting on your roof will surely cause water damage to your shingles.

Your gutters also play a vital part in keeping your roof in great condition. Gutters are responsible for directing water away from your roof and the rest of your home. When your gutters become clogged, water can pool on your roof, causing massive amounts of damage.

Clean your gutters during your fall maintenance routine to ensure water flows from your house efficiently all year. Additionally, consider installing gutter guards to reduce the amount of debris.

Trim Low Hanging Branches

You love the trees near your home; they provide shade in the summer and protection from the wind year-round. However, the low-hanging branches on those trees threaten your home’s exterior. Branches can accumulate snow in the wintertime and may snap under their weight. 

Strong winds can also rip off these branches, turning them into dangerous flying debris.

Reduce the threat of low-hanging trees by trimming them during your fall maintenance!

Check Flashing and Seals

Common areas where water can penetrate include your flashing and seals around chimneys, vents, skylights, and other similar areas. Check these spots for signs of damage or wear, and ensure all seals are intact to prevent water leaks. If you notice damage, Trinity Exteriors can make those repairs for you.

Repair Any Roof Leaks

If you notice any roof leaks or are aware of some, it’s a good idea to get those repaired as soon as possible. When it gets cold, you don’t want those leaks turning into even bigger problems. Make sure all leaks are repaired before we head into the next fall season.

Inspect Attic Ventilation

Proper attic ventilation is important for preventing moisture buildup and ice dams. Make sure your attic vents are clear of debris and functioning properly. While you’re in your attic, it’s best to check your insulation as well.

Inspect Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is vital for keeping your home comfortable during the winter and for preventing ice dams. Make sure your attic insulation is in good condition and installed properly. If you notice that critters have been living in your attic, you may want to get your insulation replaced or at least inspected for integrity.

Install Holiday Light the Right Way

If you are planning on hanging lights for the holidays, it’s best to hang them the proper way. Rather than nail into your roof, you can pick up some gutter clips that will attach to your gutters without damaging them. Then, you can hang your lights up and brighten the neighborhood.

Address Ice Dam Risks

Since Minnesota can experience a lot of snow, it’s a good idea to consider installing ice and water shields along the eaves and valleys on your roof to protect against ice dams. Ice dams are dangerous and damaging to your roof, so any way you can avoid them is a good idea. However, if one does build up on your roof, give Trinity Exteriors a call to remove the ice dam professionally.

Remove Moss and Algae

During the warm months, moss and algae can build up on your roof and shingles. These two hazards can retain moisture, which can lead to premature roof degradation. If you notice dark streaks on your shingles, that’s a sign you have roof moss or algae growing.

Contact Trinity Exteriors for Fall Roofing Maintenance

Need assistance with your fall maintenance checklist? Call on Trinity Exteriors! We will spot any damage with our roofing inspections and offer affordable, trustworthy roof repair and replacement.

Get a free quote online or give us a call at 952-920-9520 today!

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