Ice Dam Education

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 by Michelle Desnoyer

Everybody needs a roof, but none of us need an ice dam.

Ice dams can be a persistent problem in our regions with significant snow accumulations during extended periods of below-freezing temperatures, like what we have had in the last several weeks. Ice dams form when roof areas become warm enough to melt snow, typically because of the combination of the insulating effect of heavy snow accumulation and heat loss from conditioned spaces. Water from melted snow runs down the roof under the snow cover and refreezes along roof overhangs where the roof surface temperature is lower. As more water from the melting snow becomes trapped behind the dam of ice, it can back up under shingles and infiltrate the underlayment, leading to leaks and serious damage to the integrity of your roofs structure. Need a little Ice Dam education? Here's a great video to help you understand exactly what's happening up there! Learn the cause, the myths, prevention and what to do if you already have one!

Credit SourceIce Dam Education - Image 1: Structure Tech Home Inspections, NRCA

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