Lasting Confidence with James Hardie Siding and Trim

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 by Ted Swanson

James Harde Siding on Snowy House


What if we told you there’s a home siding and trim that was engineered to last for years in the face of climate, water, fire and pests.

There are building materials made out of durable, strong fiber cement, invented to help protect your home. 

There’s a home siding and trim that’s as high performance as it is stylish. 

It’s here, it’s real, it’s James Hardie® siding and trim.

Confidently clad your home with James Hardie building materials. Unlike wood and wood-based siding, James Hardie’s fiber cement siding does not entice woodpeckers and won’t be eaten by termites, and it’s created to stand up to the demands of your specific Midwest climate, be it sun, snow, rain or wind. 

Here are a few reasons why James Hardie siding and trim lasts longer than other siding options:


Ready for any Midwest Weather

James Hardie® siding and trim are Engineered for Climate®, with performance attributes that take your region’s climate into account. The HardieZone® System entails climate-specific product formulations, and there's one zone specifically for the Midwest - the HZ5® product zone. HZ5 siding is winter ready, able to resist shrinking, swelling and cracking even after years of wet or freezing conditions. Midwest storms can cause severe winds, but James Hardie siding and trim are made with fiber cement, making them a strong option to help resist the impact of windblown debris.  


Woodpecker Resistant

In the Midwest, woodpeckers are a big concern for home siding. These birds will peck on almost any home, especially those with wood and wood-based siding, such as LP® SmartSide® siding. James Hardie’s fiber cement siding on the other hand does not entice woodpeckers and won’t be eaten by termites. Cladding your home in James Hardie siding and trim protects it from the pecking pests that wreak havoc across the Midwest.


Fade Resistant

James Hardie’s ColorPlus® Technology is designed for the Midwest summer’s heat and beating sun. The ColorPlus Technology finish is multi-coated, baked-on and helps resist fade from damaging UV rays to retain vibrancy longer than paint applied on the job site.


Opt to give your Midwest home a safe, stylish shield with James Hardie siding and trim. You’ll feel confident knowing you’ve clad your home in a siding and trim that will last for years. 

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