The Best Home Improvement Projects

Thursday, November 16th, 2017 by Ted Swanson

Remodeling continues to increase as we head into 2018. While we all want to update every area of our homes, with budget constraints, it’s prudent to find which home improvement will yield the best return, especially if you’re thinking of selling your home in the next few years.

Remodeling Magazine has released its 2017 Cost vs. Value report listing the greatest ROIs for projects, based on the average costs of the project and the resale value realtors see. Here are some of the notables:


#1 Attic Insulation — 107.7%

Not the most glamorous remodeling project, but definitely the most affordable with the best ROI. Having a professional blow-in fiberglass insulation with an R-Value of at least 30 means a cozy home, reduced energy costs, and a selling point to buyers.


Owens Corning Insulation


#2 Steel Entry Door Replacements — 90.7%

This is a small project, but a fashionable door professionally installed creates a good first impression on prospective buyers. Plus, steel doors are resistant to rust, cracking, and bowing, and they're insulating, so they’ll reduce energy costs and last for years.


#3 Manufactured Stone Veneer — 89.4%

A manufactured stone veneer is great for design and budget. The stone façade creates a distinct appearance for homes, modernizing the house's look and adding high-end appeal.

 Stone siding

#4 Minor Kitchen Remodel — 80.2%

Forgoing a full demolition and remodeling of the kitchen for smaller upgrades yield a higher ROI. Keeping cabinet boxes in place but switching out the doors and drawer fronts for shaker style with new hardware, and upgrading to energy-efficient appliances are effective and affordable.


#5 Garage Door Replacement — 76.9%

A new, uninsulated garage door with galvanized steel tracks and hinges, re-used motor and two coats of baked-on paint with a 10-year warranty bumps up the home's appearance. Professionally installed parts means no one is stuck with a stuck garage door.


#6 Siding Replacement — 76.4%

New siding is an easy way to transform the look of your home. The ROI may fluctuate depending on the material—fiber cement, engineered wood, or vinyl—but in any case, the home will look modern, streamlined, and inviting for buyers. 

New siding



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