Friday, December 2nd, 2016

With the real estate market in Minneapolis booming and homeowners having the resources to invest more into their homes, roofing and siding trends in the Twin Cities are becoming increasingly modern and stylish.

Roofing Trends

Light Roofing Colors

As a roofing contractor for Edina, Eden Prairie and Minnetonka, we've noticed many homeowners opting for lighter colors in roofing. Some homeowners are even being so bold as to choose whites, grays, beiges and light blues. This is a definite shift away from the steady trend of black or dark brown roofing we've seen in past years. Lighter colors keep the Minneapolis area homes more energy efficient in the summer, since the light color reflects heat from the sun. Alternative colors to consider that have become more popular through the spring include light gray, rosy brown, off-white and silver.

Light shingles

Edina homeowners are opting for shingles in light colors.

Metal Roofs

This look is becoming increasingly popular through the Linden Hills and south Minneapolis locations. Metal roofs have a long lifespan—typically about 40 years—this unique style even gives the home a low carbon footprint.

Metal roof

Metal roof

Solar Ready Roofs

Solar roofing is no longer restricted to wealthy homeowners who can spend thousands of dollars to have large panels installed on top of the roof. Now the average homeowner can take advantage of converting the sun's thermal energy into electricity with solar shingles, tile solar roofing and photovataic roofing. These materials can be installed on existing or new roofs.


Photovoltaic roofing

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt roofing is still the king of the market, due to the product's versatility, price point and aesthetic. As a roofing contractor in the Eden Prairie, Wayzata and Chanhassen areas, we are seeing an increase in demand for laminate shingles because of their durability, dimensional style and color blend options.

Architectural shingles

Architectural shingles for asphalt roofing.


Combination of Materials and Colors

The largest trend right now for siding in West Bloomington, Lakeville and St. Louis Park is combining multiple siding types with three to four colors on the front elevation of the house. A typical example of this would be a house with about 70% lap siding, 15% shake and 15% board and batten. Often, each of these materials is painted a different color to complement each other, with a neutral trim to tie the look together.

Eco-friendly siding


Homeowners in Edina and Minnetonka are looking for ways to make their siding more efficient and environmentally friendly. A great eco-friendly siding option is natural cedar shake siding. Cedar shake is a renewable resource that does not require as much energy to produce as other siding options, and it's biodegradable so it won't sit in a landfill for years. Homeowners could even convert old cedar shake siding to mulch to reuse it.

Cedar shake siding

Cedar shake siding

Nothing Wrong With Traditional

And sometimes, no matter how enticing and adventurous some homeowners find the newest colors of Pacific Blue and Flagstone, many people will always prefer the simplicity of white siding, or in the case of 2016, the "off-white" pallette, like alabaster.

Traditional white siding

Traditional white siding

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