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How To Choose A Roof Color

One of the most difficult and important decisions a homeowner will make when replacing a roof, is the roof color. If you choose the wrong color you may regret the decision for the lifetime of the roof, which can last well over 20 years. Choosing the best roof color is important for more than just individual aesthetic reasons; it can affect your energy bills, is a reflection on your entire neighborhood and could have ramifications on your home’s price should you decide to sell it later.

Choose Roof Color By: Type of Home

A light grey roof may match well with a red brick Georgian home, but create a dreary and somber exterior with a stone German Colonial. A red roof works well on a white adobe Spanish-style home often found in the southwest, but may look out of place on a woodland ranch in Montana. Research your type of home and find what works best with its general design.

Choose Roof Color By: House Color

Buckets of Paint ColorsHouse color is perhaps the most important determinant when deciding on roof color. You can go with a high contrast roof that stands out against your siding and trim color or match the siding with the roof so that they blend together. If your house matches your local terrain, then you should try and blend in the roof as well. A white house with a black roof makes an effective contrast, while a brown roof will give your entire home a more traditional look. A yellow house with light green trim doesn’t need a yellow roof; a light grey will keep the focus on the house rather than the roof. Remember, your roof should complement your house color, not quarrel with it.

Choose Roof Color By: Climate

Also consider that darker colors absorb more heat, so if you live in a hot climate then a dark roof may keep the interior of your home warmer than a light colored roof. According to tests done by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a white roof on a sunny day (55 degrees outside) reached 118 degrees Fahrenheit, while black roof surpassed 140 degrees. Such considerations based purely on roof color can have a noticeable affect your cooling or heating bills.

Choose Roof Color By: Community

Some neighborhoods have Community Housing Associations that make the rules on house and roof color. If you are part of an association, then refer to the rules before making any decision. For neighborhoods that do not have such regulations, look around your community and see the types of house colors and roofing blends. Drive around your area and see the general styles; it will help narrow down the possibilities. Additional Roof Color Resources: